martes, 15 de abril de 2014


Welcome to Mas Solà Hotel! 

Two days before my icelandic adventure David and I decided to go to this amazing hotel situated in his village, called Santa Coloma de Farners. 
We didn't pay nothing because was a instagram's contest gift of Patronat Costa Brava i Pirineu. Thank you so much again!! 

Here you can see the hotel and the big garden with a lake. 

In the morning we where the only guests that the hotel had so we could decided what we wanted to eat! It was prepared specialy only for us!!! This is a typical catalan breakfast, bread with olive oil, cheese, jam and some sweet things. 


The views from our room were so beautiful and our little Biky was really happy to come with us and enjoy our lasts days together. 

We went to the spa during more than hour and we left very relaxed. 

Before to leave we took some photos outside the garden! 

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