martes, 15 de abril de 2014


My travel to iceland started on 6th of April in Girona taking the TGV to Paris and took my flight to Iceland the day after.


It was really hard to leave my friends, my little Biky, my family and my love but I knew that in Iceland I expected a really nice family ready to share with me a lot of beautiful moments . 

When I took my plane of Icelandair company in Charles de Gaule Airport I was very scared of traveling alone fortunately I had a very good flight.


After three hours I finally arrived to iceland, obviously it was very cold outside, specifically two degrees and the sky was completely gray.

Suddenly appeared a big smile on my face when I saw Björn and Torfhildur, they were very happy to see me! She hugged me tight and made me feel like at home. 


My first meal! Sweet potatoe, salad and chiken with mushroms. Delicious! Thanks family :) 

Have a nice day! 

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  1. Que bonitas las fotos y que cielo más azul! Con ganas de ver como continua ésta aventura :)) Un abrazo!! -Jessica