martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Girona 10+1

Taking advantadge of Girona10+1 with a lot of promotions and 10€ menus and sleep in hotels for just 10€ too, my ig family decided to met and spent a funny morning together and took a lot of photos of our favourite city, Girona.  We walked around the city walls and the old quarter . 

We all met on instagram and now we are like a family.  Find @instaenganxats on instagram and  facebook  @instanenes Instagram  too.  You can follow our adventures together ans our passion to take photos everywhere. 

Saying hello up of the city walls . 

We find a lot of artists of Girona Urban Sketchers drawing Sant Feliu church and Girona's cathedral. You can find all their draws on instagram @gironaurbansketchers 

Amazing views of the city from the city walls.

In independence square we found a lot of  beautiful Antiques. 

At the end of the walk, we found a great photograph who took a lot of photos of us with this frame showing how beautiful is my city , Girona . 

At night, David and I went to a romantic dinner in a good restaurant called Draps, situated in the middle of the old quarter.

First of all we ate a little spoon of cod. 

Salad and steak. 

And a delicious orange cake with jot chocolate. 
All for just 10€ and 1€ to help people who don't have anything to eat. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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