lunes, 13 de enero de 2014


This weekend we had the opportunity to stay in the most beautiful and welcoming hotel of Begur, called Cluc hotel! 

Here in the Empordà we say this word "cluc" when we go to nap after lunch, so it's a perfect place to close your eyes and sleep. 

Our room was number eight with a comfortable beds and a perfect vintage decoration. On the wall a catalan typical saying " on the table & bed at the first notice"!!! 

Nice views from the room. 

In front of our room we had all this books & a table to sit down and read a good book . 

Breakfast room with blankets if you're cold. 

This terrace is love!! 

Mosaic cluc floor. 

We ate in TotHora restaurant, look this big burguers!!!! And the fireplace was perfect. 
On our way to the costal path from Sa Tuna beach and S'Eixugador in Begur! Amazing and beautiful sea views! 

Her sea of love! 

And when the sun goes down it's time to " Cluc your eyes" .

Thanks Santi to create this perfect hotel made with love. We will come back soon! 

You can follow Cluc Hotel on facebook and @cluc_ on instagram. 
Their website is : 

Our instagram account is @lovetourism where you can follow all our travel adventures !!! 

Happy Monday! 

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  1. Great blog and nice pictures. Thank you for introducing us this beautiful place. I'm so proud to be the first on comment it. Continue smiling everytime and everywhere. Love you so much.

  2. You are so kind ! Thank you so much cousin !