viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013


 This summer we had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful city of Berlin.  We stayed in AMC Appartments in Joaschimstaler Strasse, near to the central metro station called Zooloschiger Garten. This area is full of restaurants, shops and very good connections with metro to go everywhere. 

First day we went to breakfast in Prenzlauer Berg quarter where we find a wonderful coffee called Anna Blume. 
After that we went to visit the main important seesights of the city. 

1. Alexanderplatz : is a big modern square where you will find shops, restaurants and some men doing Bratzburs for 1.50€ !! They delicious. 

2.Berliner Dom Cathedral :  In front of the cathedral you will find a nice green zone to relax and conteplate this incredible and beautiful monument. 

3. Spree River: it's a good idea go walking next to the river and take a boat to discover by the river. 

4. Bradenburguer Tor: we don't have words to describe this monument, completely amazing.

5. Holocaust -denkmal: it's a laberint memorial of all Jewish killed n Europe.  Very artistic place but sad. 

Relaxing cup of café con leche in Berlin ! 

6. Berliner Mauer: there you can see how was the Berlin wall in the past and all famous drawings. 

7. Tiergarten and Victory Column : 

Afortunately in one day we saw all these tourism attractions, it was a sunny day but very very cold ! 

Second day we walk around discovering nice streets and lovely coffes like princess cheesecake.  We dind't visit a lot of things beacuse it rained a lot and was so cold. 
So we decided to see the other part of Berliner Mauer, and try to find a Photoautomat and we do it !!! 

Berlin has a lot of photoautomats everywhere. It's fun because the photos are in black & white like in the past. 
You can see all my photos of Berlin on instagram @lovetourism and #lovetourisminberlin 

See you soon Berlin, we already miss you! 

Have a nice weekend! :) 


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