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Good morning in the morning !

Well, as I told in the las post "instagram your city" I won a dinner in a really good restaurant in Girona calles Bubbles and one night in a 4 **** Hotel Melià Girona! I not usually have much luck in the contests and win this fact made us very excited. Simply because it was our city, Girona.

Last weekend we became tourist of Girona, so we decided to walk along the main streets and visit typical place of the old quarter & jewish quarter.

After that we went to the hotel, we were nervous about seeing the room and if we like and yes, we loved so much!!

During the dinner we ate all little delicious things like mini burguer or a mushroom soap in a test tub, so original to serve.

Then the star dish was a foam chick live, eggs and thyme bread! Amazing and do delicious. I have to say that they won a contest with this dish. It was a pleasure for our palate.

All weekend was completely a date, a sweet day with the three of us, biky too.

When David and I entered in the room, had a surprise! A bottle of cava, cokkies and fruits was attending us! Aw it was so romantic!

On sunday morning we enjoyed the biggest and varied breakfast that I have ever seen before!

All this free and the best quality!

I only want to say thank you so much to the Melià Hotel to attend us so well, and Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Pirineu to give is the award and can enjoy our city in a different way as every day.

My videos in Vineapp

Not wait to visit Girona, tourists from all over, come and enjoy our city!

Hotel melià website: here.   Costa brava pirineu : here.   Bubbles Restaurant: here.

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