miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013


 Do you know what is Girona10 ?

Well, I'm going to explain which is . Two weeks before the special weekend the council and the tourism area of Girona create the GIRONA10 WEBSITE , where you find all informations about.
Accommodation for 10€ and full of restaurant who offer 10€  for menu too. Can you believe it ? It's completly true!!!
There are discounts in a lot of shops and in nightlife too during 26 and 27 of February.

Last year the website collapsed during the booking, so this year the accomodation will assing by lot.
I'm little bit nervous about it, because in two hours I'll know if we can enjoy one night in a lovely hotel in the city or around. There's only 1588 hotel beds but 25.000 people subscribed. So we need lots and lots of lucky.

About the gastronomy, we will go to Can Veí Restaurant, in Sarrià de Ter, 2 minuts from Girona.

Here I show you the promocional video of these amazing opportunity tu enjoy the city, Girona.

thank you so much !

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